Surface Drive

Standard equipment drive system:
  • n° 2 surface drive;
  • n ° 2 directional fins;
  • Mounting flanges;
  • Hydraulic cylinders kit for rudder and trim;
  • Rubber guard for trim;
  • Transmission oil tank;
  • Hydraulic unit for rudder and trim control.

  • Stainless steel bolts kit
  • cardan flange
  • Isolation plate for aluminium boat
  • Cavitation hose
  • Position indicator for dashboard (rudder/trim)
  • Hydraulic unit
  • Hydraulic pump
  • Helm

Drive features:
  • Ball seal with o-ring does not require maintenance
  • Axis with double bearings for less vibration
  • Cooling system on input bearing
  • Triple viton shaft seal on the output of the axis for less friction and at the same time safety of sealing against water income
  • Completed with sacrificial anode

The name "Variante" derives from the particular variant system that allows to extract and replace the gears in few minutes, to vary the transmission ratio between engine and propeller.
Electronic control of the steering and transmission that enables interaction with the rudder during turns, all to increase stability and steering precision.
Details derived entirely from one piece and CNC machined.
The materials are steel and alloys for reduced weight.

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The transmissions "Pleasure" for recreational use, are made of stainless steel to increase resistance to sea water corrosion.
The electronic control of steering and transmission enables interaction with the rudder during turns and increase the stability and steering precision.
All the components are obtained from one piece and fully CNC machined.

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